26 Jan 2007, 3:03am

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Thursday Edition: Pars Links

Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis
The NY Times printed a great article about the English-language version of Persepolis, the animated feature based on Marjane Satrapi’s autobiographical comic books. We covered the movie a couple of weeks ago and can’t wait to see it. (The photo above is of Satrapi and her co-director Vincent Paronnaud, by Ed Alcock for the NYT).

Iranian cinema in NYC
The Film Society of Lincoln Center in New York is holding a series called Storm Warnings: The Films of Bahman Farmanara; according to their website, he’ll be at the screenings, so it’s worth checking out. (If, like us, you’d never heard of him before, just click on the link – they have a good bio.)

Nima Taherzadeh at Saks
Fresh-out-of-Parsons designer Nima Taherzadeh will be appearing at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City tomorrow (Friday) from 1-3 p.m. He’s 24 years old and their Young Designers boutique snapped up his 2007 collection. Hey Nima, any chance Saks will give us a Persian-style “hamvatan” discount on your dresses?

Does this mean the Persian McMansions are staying?
Three Iranians are running for city council in Beverly Hills. That means half the number of total candidates running for the two open spots are Iranian. Based purely on first impressions culled from website homepages, our hypothetical vote goes to Maggie Soleimani, whose site makes us want to poke our own eyes out less than the other two’s. But we do like that Shahram Melamed is using his Iranian first name – it lost us the election for 9th grade historian, but we wish him the best. Either way, it looks an uphill battle for both of them because Jimmy Delshad is already the city’s vice mayor. Jimmy has a scrolling photo thing on his homepage that features lots of pictures of political celebs (and lots of people in suits that just look official) and has a last name that means “happy heart.” Also, how can anyone resist a guy who looks like he’s got blush on in every photo? Good luck, Maggie and Shahram.

Relief Regrets
Looks like London is letting a very old lady sell her Persepolis relief. We covered this story last week and we’re sorry the outcome is so annoying. Thanks, Britain.

Everyone Loves Their Abjeez
Iranian sisters The Abjeez (“abjee” is Persian slang for “sister”) are somewhat well-known by now as purveyors of cheeky, meaningful pop with Persian lyrics. Their first CD, Hameh, which means “everyone,” has finally been released. Check out their awesome video for their song “Eddeaa” (which means “claim” or “pretension”). Are you too lazy to click the video? It’s Persian lyrics against a reggae-ish beat, with a sepia-toned video that features the Abjeez styled as classic Persian beauties, complete with elegant unibrows that they move in time to the music.

Speaking of videos, here’s the Persian version of YouTube, FarsiTube. Right now there are only 12 categories, and pack-leaders are “funny” and “music videos,” not surprisingly. Slightly disturbing and skeevy is the “women” category. Let’s just say it’s not exactly full of videos of Shirin Ebadi speeches. There’s no “men” category yet – surprise, surprise.

Sultans of Satire?
The LA Times covered the upcoming Sultans of Satire performance in LA. It’s being put on by the Levantine Cultural Center this Saturday night. Comedy is great, but way to bank on cultural stereotypes with that title for your troupe. We’ve seen some of those comics perform so it’ll be funny, but we wonder how smart-funny (isn’t that what “satire” means?) it will be. Any LA readers who attend the show are encouraged to chime in.

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