Marjane Satrapi Q&A in the NYT Magazine

Check out this Marjane Satrapi Q&A. Persepolis comes out here in the US on December 25. Usually these short Q&As are really boring, but this one? No, definitely not boring:

Are you suggesting that veiling and unveiling women are equally reductive? I disagree. We have to look at ourselves here also. Why do all the women get plastic surgery? Why? Why? Why should we look like some freaks with big lips that look like an anus? What is so sexy about that? What is sexy about having something that looks like a goose anus?

I never really thought about goose anatomy. I looked when I was on a farm in France.

Atta girl, Marjane!

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24 Oct 2007, 6:59am
by siamak fallah

I am not a ‘woman’ but I have four sisters . Since I grew up in Persia I understand the problem this way:Unfortunately In Iran everything is done by force. Veiling and unveiling is no different. All the women in my immediate and extended family were veiled by force. The force was the Islamic law but we were not Muslim.
Historically Reza Shah used force to unveil the women of Persia. Islamic Republic used force to veil the women. The Republic of France also enforcing the unveiling of the Muslim women and forbids its citizens to wear religious symbols.
Thus one may suggest that since Persia became Islamic by the sword, may be its citizen over the passing of many centuries only capable of understanding the language of force.
I think in future it is the women that will decide to veil or not to veil. As for the cosmetic surgery, well I’ve heard women say that is the only way they can express themselves.
A young relative who lives in Shiraz told me thus,” it is fashionable to wear the surgery’s dressing in public so people know that you have had your face done.
What do I know? Allah’u’Alam(God knows)


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