Maykadeh Restaurant, San Francisco

Pars Arts is on a mini-hiatus as I scour San Francisco for the best neighborhood to move to… and last night took me to dinner at Maykadeh restaurant in North Beach.

I heard from one source that this is a fantastic restaurant, and another assures me it’s not the best Persian food in the Bay Area. I hope the second source is right, because the kabob koobideh was slightly mushy, the shishlik lacked seasoning, the kashke bademjan was lacking in acidity, and the little faloodeh noodles didn’t taste quite right.

I will say that their Persian Martini (with pomegranate juice) was nice and strong, and tasted great. Their service was also really great, the photos on the wall are beautiful, and the sink in their bathroom is really cool. Unfortunately, none of those things (besides the martini) are edible.

So if you’re in the San Francisco area, pray tell – where do you go for really good Persian food?

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I hate to say it, but I haven’t found an Iranian restaurant in the Bay Area that measures up to the quality of home-cooked. Shalizaar in the Peninsula is the next best, though. The city itself has a shortage of Iranian restuarants – it’s either Maykadeh in North Beach or Alborz on Van Ness.

30 Oct 2007, 6:42pm
by one of those people

For good Iranian Food and grocery stores in Bay area you need to go further south, that is where the bulk of Iranian community lives. And yeah nothing measures up to a Iranian Mother’s “Daspokht”

okay so like most people, i tend to believe that there is no way restaurant persian food could possibly top my grandma’s cooking. but man did alborz in berkeley get frighteningly close. kashke bademjoon, fesenjoon, must o moosir — all usually terrible at restaurants, but they were all amazing. i only went once while in town for work, so can’t speak for their consistency, but it was seriously the best i’ve had in a restaurant. but i will never tell my grandma ;-)


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