Noroozetan Pirooz! (And some notes on this site)

نوروزتان مبارک

Creative Commons License photo credit: Mahyar

Ah, Norooz! Tonight, as Iranians ’round the globe celebrate Chaharshanbeh Soori by jumping over fire (or candles, in my case) for good luck in the new year (1387, in case you’re keeping count), I’m taking a little time to reflect on everyone’s recent time off from the site. You probably noticed that we stopped updating for around six weeks, and the reason for that is not lack of content. It’s lack of time.

I am sitting on a lot of content right now, cool interviews both lined up and completed, and have been for some time. Unfortunately, there’s scant time to do very consuming things like transcribe interviews, write questions for new interviews, properly research and post new stuff, and etc.

Then there are bigger questions, like “What tone should this site have?” and “Who are the people reading it and what do they want to read and see hear?” and “Will there ever be advertising here, or should we just be non-profit?” Also, there’s the question: “Is it okay to use ‘I’ or should I keep it up with the royal (and royally pretentious) ‘we’?” (I think you can tell the answer to that last one by this post.)

These are things I didn’t really think about when I started this experiment, and they are more prominent to me now. Feel free to chime in on any of those questions.

But at the end of the day, everything above? That’s all an excuse. And like any worthwhile endeavor that’s actually pretty fun and rewarding, like those rare things that are actually an end and not just a means to one, it’s time to start up the site again, in earnest.

For starters, I created an Iranian Events Calendar using Google Calendar, to which you can subscribe. It will be curated with the most awesome Iranian events around the globe (and by that I mean there probably won’t be listings for “DJ Gher’s LADIES NIGHT at Club Throb.” No offense to DJ Gher, who I just made up but probably exists). The calendar’s open for submissions now, so please send in your events.

Also, Javod fired things up with his post on ancient animation, and a couple of emails this week reminded me that there is a lot that Pars Arts can still do when it comes to community-building and promoting awesome Iranian things and people. A lot of that may actually be behind the scenes, connecting people and organizations we write about with other Iranians and even non-Iranians that want to engage with them in meaningful ways. And that’s really cool.

So what better time for a fresh start on Pars Arts than Norooz? Consider this post our khooneh-tekooni, and now everything is nice and shiny for the new year.

Take some time to smell the sombol, don’t confuse the samanoo with chocolate sauce (you know you wish it was chocolate sauce), and here’s hoping your goldfish peek at themselves in the mirror when the year changes. Thanks for being patient, thanks for reading and commenting, thanks for your encouragement and all of your feedback. Thanks for passing the site along to your friends.

Here’s to 1387, and to a better Pars Arts moving forward. Have a beautiful Persian New Year.

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