New Visual Culture of Modern Iran

Bruce Bahmani recently wrote an review of an Iranian graphic design/art book that looks fascinating, New Visual Culture of Modern Iran, by Reza Abedini. It speaks to a lot of the things that make compelling the calligraphy of Sadegh Tabrizi, which we covered recently: type and calligraphy as a medium of (political? emotional? all of the above?) expression. If you’re a typography, calligraphy, or art nerd, I’d bet this book will be right up your alley.

Check out more sample pages of the book here, on the publisher’s website.

I <3 Behnaz on Clearance

By now everyone knows that Iranian designer Behnaz Sarafpour is currently featured in Target’s GO International series, in which high-fashion designers go low-brow for the benefit of those of us who can’t spend $600 on a single pair of pants (and if we could, would we?). I’ve been drooling over her clothes since her first line was introduced in 2001, so I am even more stoked about the fact that her stuff at Target, now only available until December 30, is on sale! There’s a lot of velvet and lace, two things that are hard to pull off for most people, but the cuts are flattering to real ladies. Also, there’s a lot of black – every Persian woman’s favorite color. I checked out the Behnaz GO International line when I went home to LA this Thanksgiving (getting to Target in New York is a little tricky), where unfortunately the selection had been pretty picked over. However, you can pick up Behnaz stuff on Target’s website. Below are three pieces I really like:

My first thought after thinking this shift-like, A-line dress ($28) was really fun and pretty was that, with its empire waist and looser shape, it’s also perfect for occasions where one might be apt to eat one too many hors d’oeuvres while drinking a wee too much Champagne (i.e., holiday parties and New Year’s Eve).

Lace sleeves on this sporty tank ($11) are one way to wear lace without looking too old or stodgy. My grandma wouldn’t be caught dead in this, though my hip mom might try to “borrow” it.

More velvet! This skirt ($18) might be a bit short, but throw on some opaque black tights underneath and all is well. See the whole collection here, before it’s gone for good.

Legofish Shirts for X-Mas

There’s a holiday sale going on at the Legofish Store, which is run by the Persian blogger and super-talented graphic designer Legofish, aka Pendar Yousefi. The “Simorgh” Yoga Top pictured above is based on a Persian fairytale; the simorgh is a beautiful, mythical bird. I really like the placement of the graphic on this shirt because it won’t get all distorted (ahem). Yousefi’s store also has shirts with a cool lion graphic and Sassanid graphics (these are less ornate and still very elegant). Go snag one now (about $25 Canadian).