25 Jan 2007, 3:27am
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Pars Arts on Iranian.com

We’re big fans of Iranian.com and its founder, Jahanshah Javid, so we were really excited that he linked ParsArts.com today. And it was flattering to be deemed “artsy smartsy.” Welcome, all you Iranian.com readers – we hope you like Pars Arts, pass it along to your friends, will want to contribute your writing to help the site grow, and come back again soon!

Welcome to Pars Arts

Welcome to Pars Arts, the all-inclusive blog for and about the young Iranian diaspora. What does that mean? Well, we cover art, music, culture, books, food, events, and other topics of interest to young Iranians living abroad and those interested in Persian culture. Please bookmark and share this site with your friends! Khosh amadeed!