Re-Emerge: New Work by Khosro Berahmandi

"Astonished Beast," 2008, Khosro Berahmandi

Iranian artist Khosro Berahmandi writes to let us know he will be showing new drawings and paintings at Montreal’s MEKIC gallery in an exhibition entitled “Re-Emerge.” From MEKIC, here’s more about the work:

In this exhibition, Khosro once again ventures into extremely refined improvisations to offer us his reading of re-emergence.  He invites us to explore the unity of light, dark, and the eternal renewal of creation.  The artist uses the Persian word taro-poud, “The fund”, to refer to the inseparability of life and death, two threads that weave the story of our universe.

The exhibit will be on display until November 16.

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30 Years of Solitude

"Be Colourful," Shadi Ghadirian, 2006

An event put on by Iran Heritage in London this Saturday, 30 Years of Solitude is a day highlighting Iranian women artists. From Iran Heritage:

One of the most remarkable aspects of the exhibition is the sense of humour with which the artists tackle their problems, addressing major issues such as Islamic paternalism, loss of identity, isolation from the rest of the world, the Iranian Revolution and the devastating eight-year war with Iraq from 1981-1989 where thousands of teenagers ran to martyrdom. 30 Years of Solitude shows that the contemporary art of Iran has been hugely influenced by the traumatic historic events of the last three decades, and that millions of Iranians have been affected by them in one way or another. As Faryar Javaherian says “Art was a way to exorcise all the evils witnessed during the war and the Revolution. After World War II there was a similar outburst of art, literature and philosophy in Europe”.

Exhibition: Wishes and Dreams

Condoleezza Rice at Wishes and Dreams
More than thirty young Iranian artists’ work went on display today in Washington, D.C., as part of “Wishes and Dreams: Iran’s New Generation Emerges”. The exhibition is a joint project between the Tehran University Art Gallery and the Meridian International Center, where it will be on display until July 29th.

The show is already receiving international attention: most major media sources covered the event, and the BBC featured the exhibition in their daily ‘In Pictures’ online feature.

Political undercurrents surfaced today as U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice attended the opening and met with 14 of the artists who are visiting from Iran. The Guardian reports that ten of the artists turned down a chance to be photographed with Rice, and that a large throng of journalists were closely watching Rice in an effort to pickup clues on the administration’s current stance on US-Iranian ties.

Clearly, however, the exhibition itself is an attempt to look beyond US-Iranian tensions and underscore the fundamental commonality and understanding between Americans and Iranians. Meridian press release stated that:

The 30 artists in this exhibition reflect Iran’s large young population—the generation of tomorrow. Their art is an example of what galleries in Tehran are actively showing in exhibitions that open weekly. Much of their art is about dreams of their own past and their historic heritage, its symbols and beliefs; it expresses their strong desire to preserve their past, as well as their concern for the future.

Washington D.C. readers can find directions to the Meridian galleries here — and hopefully will report back what they saw on Pars Arts in the near future.

[Photo credit: J. Scott Applewhite - AP]