Andranik, Father of Iranian Pop Music

Bebin.TV consistently cranks out well-researched and well-packaged video journalism, which has made the site a really important archive of Iranian culture in a relatively short time. Bebin’s especially strong in its music coverage, as evidenced by this 15-minute piece about Andranik, who you’ve probably never heard of but who happened to invent Iranian pop music in the 1970s. In any case, if you are a fan of Googoosh, Ebi, Andy, Shahrokh or any of the other classics (many of whom are interviewed in this piece), you have Andranik to thank for their sound. Watch above.

(Thanks, Rose and Arash!)

Homeless and Iranian

The man in this video is homeless in Los Angeles. He is also Iranian. Does the stigma of homelessness, mental illness, and other social problems in Iranian society create a system in our culture in which people who have these problems find it harder to overcome them? Do Iranians have a responsibility for other Iranians’ well-being? More of a responsibility than they have to anyone else, especially if they live in an affluent city like LA? Where’s the logic in this man’s thoughts regarding gambling as income? What’s the line between helping someone and enabling them? Do Persian-language social services exist in America? Is he on drugs? All questions swirling in my head as I take in this hard-to-watch report from This is just part 1, and I’m looking forward to the continuation of this story.

Kaleh Pacheh and has revamped their site since the last time I checked out the site, and it looks great! It features more content, including a blog, embeddable videos, RSS feeds and it works on Macs. Nice work, Bebin! I love this cooking segment on Kaleh Pacheh: