Googoosh Blog

Yes, you read that right: Googoosh has an official blog.


Tiffany Malakooti is an LA-based artist whose blog, Belog (get it?), is a visual encyclopedia of awesome Iranian art and randomness. Heavy on visuals, a recent post highlights this charming UNICEF PSA by Noureddin Zarrinkelk:

Mashroob & Moustaches

Mashroob & Moustaches is an arty, stylish group blog by some very cool young Iranians, including Sunny (Sanaz) Shokrae (scroll down a bit), a photographer whose style is so good, it’s truly enviable. Here’s her awesome Flickr feed, too. Enjoy!

(Hat tip: Payam)

What Persian blogs do you read?

Sorry to be brief and follow with another question, but I’m looking to populate my feed reader… do you have any recommendations?

The Mideast Youth Blog

Mideast Youth Blog
The Mideast Youth Blog is an excellent look at politics, culture, and life in the Middle East, written by young Middle Easterners who live all over the world. The blog’s code of ethics shows that its writers are quite forward-thinking:

This all boils down to making a difference. We are here to help, motivate, encourage, and inspire people from the region and beyond to make a difference. We will celebrate our diversity rather than fight for a dominant religion or ideology. We are all different, let’s take that difference and create something awe-inspiring out of it. We focus on the youth because we are the leaders of the future. It is therefore our responsibility to be active towards the right causes.

As of now, there are 119 posts tagged “Iran” and several Iran-focused writers, including Esther of View from Iran, and Kamangir. The writing on Iran covers a diverse mix of topics, from human rights issues (like a post this weekend about Roya Toloui, arrested Iranian activist) to helpful info for travelers (like a guide to money in Iran)

Add the Mideast Youth Blog to your feed reader, bookmark it, and send the link to your friends; the news and commentary on this blog are insightful and its authors (and their respective varied biases) are refreshingly transparent.