Christmas Mobarak!

Merry Christmas! I’m in a food coma today so here are some links:

1. I just had my first taste of turducken and actually thought of (re)definition, one of my favorite blogs which is written by Mariam, a woman in San Francisco who is a fantastic cook and takes good pictures. The photos on her blog make my mouth water, and I’d trade 20 turduckens for whatever she’s cooking. Plus, she lives in San Francisco, which is sort of the city of my dreams.

2. Browsing around on Asad’s blog, I clicked over to this blog, which had a cool link to the text of Iranian school books. I’m working on improving my Persian, so this should be a big help.

3. has polls for the best and worst Iranians of the year. It’s not working right now but looks like they’re on it. Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G, aka Borat) is one of the choices for best, and so is Akbar Ganji, and so is the kid that got tasered at UCLA. The worsts include a guy who drove his car through a group of students, the president of Iran, and the boyfriend of an Iranian actress who put their sex tape on the Internet.

4. One last one, sorry to be depressing: UN Resolution 1737, from a couple of days ago. Sanctions, etc. Here is the press release from the UN Security Council. Let’s see what happens.