Iranian Eco-Architect Nader Khalili

Iranian eco-architect Nader Khalili died early last month (here is the LA Times obit). He was an advocate of “earth architecture,” inventing techniques for building really cool dome-shaped structures. Khalili founded an institute called Cal-Earth to teach others how to build these houses, which got the stamp of approval from the UN, where he was also a consultant.

I think Khalili’s work is really the pinnacle of an Iranian working to create and promote environmentally-conscious living. He leaves behind a really amazing legacy, which includes several books (one of them a translation of Rumi poems). His books – and the architectural plans for his structures – can be purchased via Cal-Earth.

Studio 360 did an excellent show this weekend that included a bit of a tribute to his work and included old interviews with Khalili. Listen to it by using the player below, or visit Studio 360′s website.

Photo: Los Angeles Times