What’s your favorite English-Persian/Persian-English dictionary?

I’ve got a little project going, which involves reading one or two Persian blog posts a day to improve my Persian reading speed and proficiency. Today, I read some Khorshid Khanoom. I understood 99% of the words in her September 30 post, and the ones I didn’t get, I resolved with the Dictionary of Mamanjoonam (aka, my mom). But I need an actual dictionary to take this project to the next level, something I can keep next to my computer or throw in my bag (when I get really ambitious and pick up a good Persian book).

I snooped around some and found Dariush B. Gilani’s English Persian Dictionary on my sister’s bookshelf this afternoon. I really like it because it’s got English transliterations of the Persian alongside the Persian text, like sweet little literacy crutches, but I want something that’s got English-Persian and Persian-English because most of the time I’ll be looking up Persian words for their English meaning. Anyone have any recommendations?