Iranians on Facebook


Word on the street is Facebook is banned in Iran, but there are about ten jillion global Iranians on the social network anyway, and if you’re reading this, you’re probably one of them. Sadly, there are not nearly as many cool Iranian-related applications (Or maybe that’s a good thing, because application invites are getting really annoying – no, I do not want to be a zombie/vampire/pirate, you loser! And stop writing on my nonexistent FunWall!) but one I’ve found so far is the clever Faal e Hafez, which simulates the popular Iranian custom of fortune-telling via Hafez’s poetry.

More recently, Kiosk guitarist Babak Khiavchi created the Iranians of the Day application, which pulls current content from what is, arguably,’s best section – the one that highlights ordinary and extraordinary Iranians and satisfies your (okay, fine, my) inner Iranian-Internet voyeur. Seriously, without Iranians of the Day I don’t think I really would have gotten sucked into the whole Iranian thing, so if you’re on Facebook and you’re still waiting for an RSS feed for this section of, install the app and you’ll be content.

And another thing about Iranians on Facebook… it’s a really good way to connect with long-lost cousins (true story – I’ve found peeps from both sides, even) and get in touch with some pretty fancy professionals.

How do you use Facebook to get down with your Perzhian-ness? Leave a comment and I’ll update this post with your genius.