Farhang Foundation Film Festival: Call for Entries & LACMA Screening


The newly formed Farhang Foundation has a call for entries for their eponymous film festival, which is being produced by the fine folks at SoCiArts. Here are the guidelines:

For the Farhang Foundation Film Festival, filmmakers from all walks of life, Iranian and non-Iranian, are welcome to create and submit a short, five to eight minute movie, of any genre and style, visualizing their unique take on Iranian Heritage. Farhang Foundation defines Iranian Heritage as a way of life and culture that has been passed from one generation to the next in an Iranian influenced environment and is not limited to geographical borders.  It may include elements from the past and present of Iranian arts, literature, music and history. Submissions will be accepted through February 1, 2009 via www.sociarts.com.

The winner will receive $5,000USD cash prize, as well as travel expenses to attend the award presentation during the Farhang Foundation Nowruz Celebration at LACMA.

The winning entry will be screened at LACMA, and all submitted films can be viewed on the SoCiArts website.

Persian Portraits

Persian Portraits is a series of Iranian films curated by the Tehran-based Documentary Experimental Film Center. Among the films screened will be Ehsan Amani’s “The Slap” (Sili; previously covered). They’ll also be showing Massoud Bakhshi’s “Tehran Has No More Pomegranates” (Tehran Anar Nadarad); the video above includes an interview with Bakhshi. The event will take place at 7:30 pm on Sunday, September 28, at the Egyptian Theatre, as part of the National Geographic All Roads Film Festival

Details here (scroll down).

(Thanks, Arash!)