Iranian Sex History

A Social History of Sexual Relations in Iran

A Social History of Sexual Relations in Iran

Mage Publishers is releasing their sexiest title yet: Willem Floor’s A Social History of Sexual Relations in Iran is out this month, and it covers everything from marriage to divorce, sigheh (temporary marriage) to STDs. Get it from Mage, where you can also peek at the contents, or from Amazon (list price is $50 but you can get it for $35 at Amazon).

Update: has an excerpt.

World’s Oldest Animation

In the 1970s, a team of Italian archaeologists discovered a goblet in Iran’s “Burnt City.” Only recently, however, was it discovered that the goblet’s visuals create an animation.


According to an article from “The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies”:

The artefact [sic] bears five images depicting a wild goat jumping up to eat the leaves of a tree, which the members of the team at that time had not recognised [sic] the relationship between the pictures.

It goes on to discuss certain levels of controversy this goblet has brought up:

CHTHO’s cultural authorities claimed the image is a depiction of ‘Assyrian Tree of Life’: the earthenware bowl, which is wrongly known as ‘The Burnt City’s goat’, depicts the myth of ‘The Assyrian Tree of Life’ and a goat.

Depiction of ‘The Assyrian Tree of Life’ on this bowl which was made at least 1000 years before the Assyrian civilisation [sic] even appear in historical records is one of the most preposterous claims by the new breed of experts in post-revolutionary Iran.

RIP Benazir Bhutto


Benazir Bhutto, formerly two-time prime minister of Pakistan and part of a prominent political family, was assassinated today in Islamabad. She recently returned to the country after nine years of self-exile related to charges of alleged corruption (which caused her removal from office and were dropped for her return). Bhutto is half Iranian; her mother, Nusrat, is of Iranian Kurdish heritage. Benazir was the first woman to be elected head of a Muslim state, and not one short on controversy. But the violence against her is terrible and it’s sad to see her homeland in disarray.

Here are two bios.

“History of Persian Philanthropy” Video from PARSA

This is a quick history lesson in Iranian philanthropy from PARSA. (It’s also the first YouTube video I’ve seen with a legal warning before it begins, which was a little jarring.) I think this would benefit from more text on screen, particularly because there are a lot of Persian terms and old Iranian leaders mentioned, but overall it’s informative and quite interesting.

Iran and Britain: A Video History Lesson

This is simply brilliant. Pass it on.