Congratulations to, the brain-child of Pedram Moallemian (aka The Eyeranian), which went live just this week. From the Amrikaee website:

We are Amrikaee and as our mission statement reads; “we are the progressive voice of the new generation of Iranian-Americans, to serve as a bridge between traditions and provide a home for fresh expressions, unique perspectives and alternative ideas often overlooked by mainstream media.”

That’s why the name Amrikaee also made so much sense to us. Its outlook is the future; our future, the future of our lineage and the future of our new home, our new country, with full reverence and vision that comes from our past.

It also looks like there’s a print edition on the way, though I wasn’t able to find anything about how many issues a subscription constitutes, or how the print content will be different from the web content.

I love the magazine’s name; “Amrikaee” is the word for American in Persian. So it’s really the perfect name for a magazine for Iranian-Americans. I’m looking forward to more of their issues, and it looks like the magazine is a real opportunity to form a meaningful and connected diaspora community. So check it out!