Happy Norooz!

Happy Persian New Year! If you’re reading this and you’re not Persian, combine traditional New Year’s anticipation, presents from Christmas, birthday cash, brand-new-schoolyear outfits, spring cleaning, picnics in the park, feasts, a strange blackface version of an un-Santa Claus, and you’ve got the basic ingredients of Persian New Year spirit. Intrigued? Can you see why I miss being home in Los Angeles right now? If you want to read more about the holiday and how people celebrate, the blog View from Iran has the Unofficial Norooz 2007 link list up now. Maybe next year we’ll bring you a series for how to do the traditional stuff once you leave the nest… if we can figure it out for ourselves.

To all you Pars Arts readers, noroozetan pirooz! (Have a rocking New Year!) Thanks for sticking with us, and we hope you stay with us in 1386. Incidentally, if you’re not sure when the year starts where you are, here’s a handy table.