“Iranian Memoir” – Paolo Pellegrin’s Photo Essay

Magnum Photos posts Iranian Memoir, a photo essay by Paolo Pellegrin, which is layered with Iranian-Americans who grew up outside Iran talking about their memories/conception of Iran. (It looks like many of the photos are from a photo essay he did for Newsweek, The Changing Face of Iran.)

Pellegrin’s images are unsettling – especially the black-and-whites, which have a kind of bleak, industrial, post-apocalyptic feel – not an image of Iran I am used to seeing, especially since the advent of Life Goes on in Tehran.

None of the speakers identify themselves, and the only other audio besides ambient noise is a snippet of Googoosh’s Hejrat. It’s pretty interesting to me that Pellegrin/Magnum chose to title this “Iranian Memoir” – where memoirs usually address a life that was actually lived, this one centers on lives that could have been lived.

What do you think of “Iranian Memoir”?

(Thanks, Maggie!)