Dr. Holakouee: Like an Iranian Dr. Phil, but so much better

Farhang Holakouee
Dr. Farhang Holakouee, Iranian-radio shrink extraordinaire, now has an online archive of past shows. If you grew up Iranian in Los Angeles, you either heard this guy so often that his show’s theme song is forever embedded in your mind, or, if you were really bad, your parents called in to ask him what to do with you. (You know who you are.) With his velvety voice, there weren’t many caller problems that proved insurmountable to Dr. H., whether they were import-bride marriage issues, identity crises, or chronic deja vu (I can’t even count the number of times I heard calls from people who were convinced they could dream the future). A couple things were for sure: he always asked which number sibling you were, and he almost always sided with the kids.

For anyone who wants to peek deep into the Tehrangeles psyche, his show is a must-hear.

UPDATE: Because of countless emails and comments that resulted from this post, I am updating it to let readers know that Dr. Holakouee does not (to my knowledge) read the comments on this post, nor is the email address/contact form on this site his. To contact Dr. Holakouee, you can call his office directly: 310-273-7636. Unfortunately, I am not sure how Iranians in Iran can listen to his live show on KIRN, but they should be able to download the past shows at drholakouee.com.

[Photo: drholakouee.com]