Persian Cooking Videos

A few weeks ago I spent some time with a reporter writing about Persian food in LA for a really big national publication. And lately I’ve been noticing Persian food popping up more in blogs and media. Is our awesome cuisine finally going mainstream?

Either way, I am pleased to share these really lovely and to-the-point “Persian Food Tutorials” from Cyrus Dowlatshahi’s Fatty Productions. Cyrus has done a great job condensing Persian recipes into how-to videos that are under two minutes long. And he’s working on more of these, which I’m really looking forward to seeing!

Here’s one on how to prepare jujeh kabob (i.e., chicken kabob):

And one on how to prepare mast-o-khiar (cucumber yogurt):

You may remember Cyrus from our post on the film Kabob Guy. Check out more of his work at the Fatty Productions Vimeo page.

Aab Doogh Khiyaar Recipe

Aab Doogh Khiyaar - by Yogurtsoda

Aab Doogh Khiyaar - by Yogurtsoda

Mariam Hosseini, aka Yogurtsoda, just posted an amazing recipe for a cold Persian soup called “Aab Doogh Khiyaar.” I didn’t even know it existed, so I can’t wait to try it myself. Mariam writes:

Aab doogh khiyaar is for Iranians what gazpacho is to Spaniards or what somen is to the Japanese. It’s a comfort food for me, evocative of long sweltering days where my family couldn’t be bothered to turn on the oven.

25 Dec 2008, 6:38am

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Zoulbia Recipe

Disjointed spoon
Creative Commons License photo credit: quinn.anya

It’s Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa! Time for lots of sweets, and over on All Kinds of Yum, Iranian American food blogger Tannaz has posted her recipe for zoulbia, which looks delicious and includes this clever trick:

You can buy plastic squeeze bottles from restaurant supply stores, or even from stores like Target, but in a pinch, an empty plastic shampoo, dish soap, or ketchup bottle with a narrow opening, thoroughly cleaned, works fine.