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These guys produce a satire show about Iran and they are so funny. Here’s a blog with YouTube embeds. Here’s their Facebook page. Here’s a piece about them on Tehran Bureau. (I believe Saman Arbabi, the dude in the crazy pants, is also the mind behind several Abjeez music videos).

(Daily Show clip first seen here.)

“Did Someone Order a Sexy Persian Wingman?”

A few weeks ago, South Park did a pretty funny spoof of the film “300,” pitting Persian club owners against lesbians (the YouTube clip got taken down when Viacom complained). Now, the animated sitcom “American Dad,” which is about a family in which the father is a right-wing CIA agent, has bestowed the Persian community with yet another dubious animation honor: the alien character, Roger, goes undercover in this episode as a “sexy Persian wingman.”

Here are some memorable quotes:
“I’m a Persian stud… I live with my parents, big house, no yard… I sell X, don’t use it.”
“This is my boy Behrouz, he imports rugs.”
“I only invited him because our folks escaped Tehran together.”
“I’m not gonna end up a worn-up ho, having breakfast for dinner with an abusive Persian. I’ve lived that life.”

“American Dad” also had an episode that included Iranian neighbors, which actually makes more fun of the main characters than of the neighbors:

The Persian wingman clip is pretty offensive, mostly for all the misogyny. It’s a shame that they chose to play up Iranian cultural stereotypes for laughs. Then again, this is “American Dad,” and it’s generally pretty misogynistic, sometimes pushing so far that it’s not satire anymore.