Adventure Divas in Iran

There’s no TV at Pars Arts headquarters, but the Adventure Divas makes us wish we’d had one when their shows, which are a “lipstick feminist” take on travel, aired on public television. The main “divas,” mother and daughter Jeannie and Holly Morris, traveled the globe to find women doing cool things. Their journey included a stop in Iran, where they talked to luminaries like singer Pari Zanganeh, founder of Zanan magazine Shahla Sherkat, and taxi entrepreneur Zahra Moussavi, among others. I’ve never been crazy about the word diva, but I think their stopping in Iran was awesome, as is the fact that the series is a mostly female enterprise. I haven’t see any of the episodes yet myself but the whole show is available for purchase on their website (I’m told you can’t buy individual shows anymore but the website still has them listed).