Dalia Sofer on Hedayat

In the 2006 documentary Forever, by Heddy Honigmann, which explores the reasons people visit the famed Père-Lachaise cemetery in Paris, an Iranian taxi driver standing before Sadegh Hedayat’s grave is visiting because Hedayat wrote of alienation. Later, he turns to the camera and sings the kind of song that, if you are an Iranian trying to keep loss and alienation at bay, will make you weepy.

The Believer – Sadegh Hedayat’s THE BLIND OWL.

Googoosh and The Believer Music Issue 2008

The Believer 2008 Music Issue - featuring Googoosh

The Believer is a literary magazine from the same people that publish the literary magazine McSweeney’s. I’m excited that this year The Believer’s music issue includes a cover illustration of original Persian pop queen Googoosh – and the accompanying CD features her song Makhloogh, as well as Sholi’s cover of Googoosh’s Hejrat (for more on Sholi, check out the Pars Arts interview with Sholi frontman, Payam Bavafa, who brought this cover to my attention). You can buy a copy of the issue ($10) at any big bookstore, or get it straight from McSweeney’s right here.

Payam also writes: “You can download an mp3 of Googoosh’s version of Hejrat for free here, and you can now buy her 40 Golden Hits Record for the first time on iTunes via Taraneh Records (her best compilation).” Thanks, Payam! I think it’s very cool that Googoosh is hitting more mainstream music distribution channels.

But enough talk. Here’s Miss G. rocking out Makhloogh, back in the day: